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Franconia (1955) Footstool

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Beautifully restored footstool from cabin M-94 of the Franconia.  This piece is typical of the furnishings and fittings put on the ship when she was new and called the Ivernia.  In the early 1960’s, Cunard was feeling the effects of the drop in passenger traffic on the Atlantic because of the airlines and converted the Ivernia and her sister Saxonia into cruse ships, giving them new names — Franconia and Carmania.  This style of footstool came in two sizes, and this is the larger of the two.  Measures about 21″ x 15.5″ at the widest part of the base and stands 17.5″ tall.  The original metal rods are missing, but they could be easily replaced if you wanted to or just use it as is since it is strong and handy.