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France (1912), Folder of 12 Plates with Interior Details

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Product Description

One of the most interesting and unusual items I have ever had for CGT’s France of 1912.  12 plates (both black & white and a few color) of the interiors and details of the liner.

The color plates include the Aubusson tapestries from the Salon Mixte, a corner of the main lounge, an overall view of the main lounge, and the painting on the grand staircase leading to the first-class dining room.

The black & white plates include the fountain in the Moorish Salon, decorative motifs from the grand staircase, wooden and gilded carvings from the grand suite, the statue of “France” from the grand staircase, decorations and furniture from the grand suite, rails and doors from the grand staircase, paintings from the Salon Mixte, and one with various ornamentation details.

All of these plates, which each measure about 10.5″ x 8″, come loose in a hardback folder, and each is covered with a thin piece of attached tissue paper, which has slightly browned.  The plates are all in excellent condition, but the folder itself has some issues.  Please see the photos.

Also included in the folder is a text in French that runs 16 pages.  My French is very poor so I’ll leave it to you translate, but I think it talks about the ship’s interiors.

If you love the France of 1912, this is an amazing piece.  I really wish more lines did folders like this.  Very impressive contents to say the least.