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Demitasse Cup and Saucer

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Isn’t it fun to find original ocean-liner memorabilia “in the wild”?  I found this cup and saucer from Holland American Line in an antique store here in North Carolina.  While sourcing excellent condition ocean-liner memorabilia is my job, it is very rare to find it in random antique marts.  For 50 years or more, HAL used the same rather plain china pattern.  So the cool thing about this cup and saucer is it is quite old predating the Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938.  Just think of the passenger who took this as a souvenir in those long ago days nearly 100 years ago.  Were they from North Carolina?  How did it end up here?  Made by the German company Hutschen Reuther.  Excellent condition bone china so almost certainly first class.  I just love the gold-leaf intertwined NASAM logo.  It really grabbed me when I was wandering around the antique mart.  Now one of you gets to grab it!