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Columbus Brochure

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Intriguingly, the Germans could have been the first with a two-ship weekly service.  NDL’s Bremen and Europa were fast enough to do the round trip like the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth; however, they had to go on to Germany after a stop in the UK.  Because of this, a third ship was needed to maintain that weekly service.  Columbus was the only ship in the fleet that could have been considered.  However, her pre-war reciprocating engines were only marginally capable of 18 knots, a slow speed that plagued her and her near sister Homeric as well.  NDL took the ambitious step of re-engining her with geared turbines and kicked her up to 20 knots.  This allowed her to keep pace and achieve a three-ship weekly time table from Germany.

This brochure dates to April, 1931, and runs 16 pages with most sporting full-page images.  These would scan well.  By the time this brochure appeared, the Columbus had been re-engined, and this touts her new features in English.  Lavishly produced with glossy pages and nice double end papers.