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Chief Engineer’s Log Book, War Service

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Absolutely fascinating original logbook from RMS Queen Mary’s war years.  It’s all here, running 157 hand-written pages from February 8, 1942, to February 24, 1948.

Covering, of course, all the highlights for the war years.  Want to know what speed the chief engineer felt it was safe to drive her after the unfortunate collision with the HMS Curacao?  (Curiously, the mention of the collision is a brief footnote that reads: “Collision 2:12 PM.)  Curious where she was when the war in Europe ended?  How about when the war ended with Japan?  Want to see the details of every place she went?  South Africa, Australia, Suez, Halifax, on and on.  Also covered are the war-bride trips and her post-war maiden voyage.  Interested in specs and figures?  I love the details, including fuel use and efficiency broken down in dozens of ways for each trip.   For example, she burned about 1.6 tons of fuel per mile.  Your mileage might vary however!

Obviously, one of a kind.  I have seen only a few log books from her and always learn a great deal from them.  Set your collection apart with a real archive of ocean-liner history.  Some loose pages, but comes in a beautifully and expensively made custom holding case that allows this to live on your bookcase nicely.