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Caronia (1949) Brochure, World Cruise 1957

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Caronia’s World Cruise of 1957.  This was the last hurrah for Cunard as a money making concern.   Most people weren’t aware of it at the time or for that matter today but the situation for Cunard changed forever in this year.  But all that was in the future in late 1956 when this brochure was printed.  The upcoming world cruise would be a masterpiece but, strangely and somewhat uniquely, would feature almost exactly the same ports of call as the year before.  Without question given Caronia’s large number of loyal repeat passengers, this affected demand.  After all, if you had just done the 1956 cruise why take the 1957 with the same stops?  Seems a strange choice to make.  The brochure is in excellent condition and sports its original insert deck plan.  Unlike a lot of cruise brochures, this one has about 35 photos of the ship and her interiors; so it is not just ports of call.  Full rates as well.  Grab a bit of Cunard history.