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Caronia (1949) Brochure, 1962 Med Cruise

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Cunard produced five styles of brochures for most of Caronia’s cruises — hardback booklets, soft-cover glossy brochures in full-color with inserted deck plans and full passage rates, fold-over non-glossy brochures with rates, standard rack-size brochures with rates, and small travel-agency style “flyers.”  This is the glossy brochure for Caronia’s Spring Mediterranean Cruise of 1962 and includes its original inserted full deck plan.  13 full-color glossy photos of her interiors and exteriors.  In excellent condition and showcasing one of the best covers that Cunard ever put together for a Caronia brochure.  Buy it for the brochure but get the deck plan too!

By 1962 Caronia had settled into what had for her become a more than comfortable routine.  The huge fallout in demand for transatlantic travel that occurred suddenly in 1957 meant that, by the time this deck plan was produced, the ship was doing practically no crossings.  Companies’ second-string ships (like Mauretania or the America) suffered from the airplanes first and faster as there was still quite a cache of traveling on the Queens or the ssUS, for example.  If Caronia had to transit the Atlantic for a cruise, she sometimes deadheaded empty as the company would lose less money running the ship empty than one with just a couple of hundred passengers.  The majority of her year was spent doing a world cruise; a North Cape; a spring, summer and autumn Med with a few Caribbean cruises tossed in for good measure.  These kept going year after year often with many repeat passengers.  In this way the ship made money, but this changed, however, in 1965 with the introduction of the Sagafjord…