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Brochure, Gold Foil Cover, 1937

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One of the two best brochures produced for the RMS Queen Mary!  The famous gold-foil brochure, dating from her first full season on the Atlantic.  She absolutely glows in the photos!

The brochure is dated April 20, 1937, and I have often wondered why Cunard waited a year to put out this stunner for their great new ship.  Perhaps they felt competition from Normandie’s foil brochures.  Cunard really splashed out to produce this one, which sports 28 pages and loads of glorious full-color images.

In great condition, especially the expensive embossed gold-foil cover.  I almost never see these in this fine condition.  The gold on this example has only some slight chipping at the bottom edge and some scuffing.  The only other issue that should be mentioned is that the embossing of the cover makes a ghostlike impression on the title page.  No way around that, though, due to age.

As a side note, I constantly strive to bring you rare and interesting items and to deliver impressive-quality ocean-liner items.   I want you to say “wow” when you look through my updates, and I hope this brochure helps that along.