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Britannic (1875) Passenger List

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There is a lot going on with this magnificent 19th Century White Star Line passenger list.  It is from the famous RMS Britannic, the first ship to carry that name in the company.  The list has a stunning 19th Century cover with a very bold five-pointed White Star blazing out from it.  I so lament the fact that monograms and markings like this are missing from today’s companies.  This is for her sailing from Liverpool to NYC on August 23, 1893.

Also quite interesting is the captain.  None other than E.J. Smith!  This is a very early command for him, he having only been a captain for 5 years or so at this point.  19th Century White Star Line items are getting to be as rare as hen’s teeth, especially so when the commander is perhaps the most famous captain of all time.  Very good condition.  Grab it!