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Lovely 32-page brochure for American Line and Red Star Line services from New York and Philadelphia to Southampton and Antwerp.  Dated 1893, still the International Navigation Company era as listed in the brochure.  Not the International Mercantile Marine Co.  (of Titanic fame) that replaced it.  The brochure discusses the various services and the ships that serve them.  As the American Line served Southampton not Liverpool, the brochure is keen to point out the major advantages infrastructure wise in Southampton.  No waiting at the bar for tides, no tendering, no landing stage, no transfer at your own expense to rail station, and closer to London.  All of these compelling reasons are what lead to White Star’s change of ports less than 5 years after IMM purchased the company.  Complete sailing schedules from May through December, 1893.  A number of photos of the various ships both interiors and exteriors, the images oddly printed in pale red ink.  Great cover art of the double house flags on the back page.