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America, “Shipyard Bulletin” 1946

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I have never held another one of these.  The Newport News Shipbuilding Company’s September, 1946, magazine.  It is so full of information I don’t know where to start but here goes.

“Imagine, if you can, in these times of shortages, the difficulties of our Purchasing Department in obtaining 700 new beds… 100 sofas…. over 1,000 new doors and hundreds of other hard-to-get articles….”  Want to see ss America’s wood paneled ward room?  How about before-and-after views of the cabin-class lounge, tourist-class smoking room, cabin-class smoking room as they appeared when she was the West Point and then as the America in her post-war glory?  A fascinating glimpse into her transformation for war service and then the post-war reconditioning.

The information in this is vast and comprehensive from the decor to the ballast, back around to the crew spaces.  Everything is covered.  There is even a full world map showing her track chart of everywhere she went in support of winning the war.  The article on the ss America runs 19 pages and has dozens of photos.