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Mauretania (1907) Brochure, West Indies

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Fantastic brochure for the first Mauretania’s West Indies cruise series from 1931.  This is perhaps the best cruise brochure ever for the famous liner.  She has not yet been painted white but is already doing extensive winter cruises.  This brochure has it all, including a spinning wheel on the cover to show various images of the ship and the ports.  This was an expensive brochure to produce.

Loads of information inside.  Usually, these brochures have lots of images of the ports, but this one has just as many of the ship and her amenities, which is quite nice.  Also comes with a full-color tissue deck plan of the ship that covers both first and second class as well as some of third.  In very good condition with some bumped corners and a few missing spokes off the ships wheel on the cover.