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A fascinating set of nine photos of Lurline — all taken in November, 1939.  I first thought these might have something to do with the outbreak of war, but visible on the back of two images is “Universal – International Research Department.”  Perhaps these were images to be used in… read more ›

Stupendous color-coded glossy deck plan for Lurline’s 1934 South Seas & Oriental Cruise. Prime time for this beloved liner. 7 very large glossy images of her interiors, including two in rarely seen full color. Very interesting to compare her interiors with her re-worked postwar interiors. Measures about 40″ by 44″…. read more ›

Very American dinner menu with items like corn fritters and southern-style sweet potatoes available.  Look at those wine prices!  Great cover art of a sponge diver done in silver leaf.  Dated January 6, 1936.

“Malolo, Third Around the Pacific Cruise.” Brochure for this three-month-long cruise, which ran from September 19 to December 16, 1931. Great itinerary! 24 pages, including complete price list. Mostly shots of the ports, but the last few pages show the various cabin layouts which are quite interesting. In very good… read more ›

Two foldout pamphlets for the innovative and lovely ss Malolo of Matson.  The “What They Say” brochure is complete with 15 reviews from folks who had traveled on the ship.  Interesting insight to the 1920’s traveling public.  Dated 1928 and in mint condition.  Fold-open fare schedule for Matson with the… read more ›

Superb brochure produced “On the occasion of the launching of the s.s. Malolo, June 26, 1926.”  The merger with American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. was in such early stages that both companies are mentioned throughout the brochure.  Also mentioned as building “in a historic coconut grove where Hawaii’s kings played games of… read more ›

Matson’s annual stock holders reports for 1950-1967.  The year 1952 is missing from the grouping.  Was Matson the single most successful American ocean liner concern?  It sure was and, these reports prove it.  They are full to the brim with details on the company and its operations.  For example, did… read more ›

Don’t you just love the quality of enamel work done at the time of the great liners?  This Matson Line hat badge is no exception.  It measures about 1.25″ across.  In excellent condition.  It looks ready to make the run to Hawaii once again.

Direct from the fabulous ss Lurline, this silver Matson dish is made by International Silver Company and is dated 1931.  It measures about 4.5″ across and is in very good condition with some slight rubbing to the logo.