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Unusual American President Lines ashtray as used onboard in the 1950’s.  Not the typical shape seen.  Included is a mint-condition set of original matches.  Measures about 4”.

Cute and beautiful demitasse cup and saucer made by corning for American President Lines.  These are in near mint condition.  Highly useful as it easily stands up to dishwashers.  A small quantity available.

Large egg cup in the older pattern American President Line’s china dating from the 1950’s.  These so-called “double” egg cups have always intrigued me.  What type of egg was being used here?  Ostrich?  I am sure someone who has used one and enjoys soft boiled eggs more than I do… read more ›

Rarely seen pre-war luncheon plates from American President Lines.  Three available, one marked Walker China and dated 2-39.  The other two by Wellsville China.  Measures about 7½” in diameter.  In excellent condition with only slight scuffing from use.

Small china platter using the early APL eagle logo.  Measures about 7″ x 5″.  Made by Wellsville China.  Excellent condition.

The ss President Monroe was launched by Mrs. Thomas G. Corcoran, wife of the famous lobbyist, in Newport News, Virginia on August 7, 1940.  The Monroe never saw passenger service before the war, having just started her maiden voyage when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  The ship had left her dock… read more ›

Color-printed deck plan for the President Polk and President Monroe that is dated January, 1962.  Contains 3 black & white images and 7 color photos of the ship.  These ships were in the round-the-world service and called at unusual ports.  Deck plan opens to about 31” x 26”.  No pin… read more ›

Ashtray for the American President liner ss President Wilson, the famous vessel built just after the end of WWII.  In very good condition measuring about 3½”.

Dated May, 1954, this full-color fold-open deck plan for the President Cleveland and President Wilson measures about 31” x 26”.  Printed on glossy paper with eight color on-board shots.  Excellent condition with a touch of scuffing to the cover.

Made by Corning and dating to the 1960’s, this bread plate is straight off one of the famous American President liners.  In excellent condition, it measures about 6” in diameter.  A small quantity available.  Highly useful as it easily stands up to dishwashers.