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Incredibly sturdy earthenware coffee cup for the American Line.  Has the heft of third class.  Sourced by our old friends Stoniers of the UK.  Has a hairline on one side but displays  well and incredibly rare to find anything like this for this line.

An 1890’s sterling silver spoon for the City of Paris during her earliest days with the American Line.  The ship has been beautifully engraved into the bowl.  Measures about 4″ long.  Quite rare and in very good condition.

American Line ss Saint Louis souvenir straight razor.  What an interesting item to offer in those long ago days!  Then again, there were no “shave clubs” then.  Opens to about 9.5″ long.  In very good condition and still quite use-ably sharp.

Beautifully made and extremely rare coffee pot from the earliest days of the American Line.  Dated 1873, which is the first year the American Line brought ships into service.  They built 4 ships — the Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana — all named for states along the route of the… read more ›

Super rare and beautiful silver-plate ice bucket from the American Line.  Made by Walker and Hall and date marked 1911. It measures about 9.5″ from handle to handle x 4″ tall.  In very good condition considering its age.  Never seen another, and finding good items for the small-scale American Line… read more ›