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Victoria Luise Souvenir Fan

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Stunning pre-war souvenir fan from the Victoria Luise’s on-board gift shop. This particular fan was produced for a Westindienfahrt or West Indian Cruise. The route of the cruise cleverly spreads out on the fan blades. The Victoria Luise was most likely the world’s first purpose-built cruise ship and made her first West Indian cruise in 1901. She had a short career, however. About five years after her debut, while on a West Indian cruise, on December 16, 1906, her captain Captain Brunswig mistook the lighthouse at Plumb Point for that at the westernmost point of Port Royal Jamaica. Heading north at 14 knots, the ship hit and climbed onto the rocks bow first at about 9 o’clock in the evening. After evacuating the passengers, Brunswig went to his cabin and shot himself. The ship was a total loss and was scrapped on the spot. Any pre-war HAPAG souvenir is exceedingly rare, and one for a ship that was in service for only five years is impossible to find. The fan is in excellent condition with no cracks or damage. Measures about 5½” high X 11″ across when spread open.