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On August 26, 1981, the first-class purser’s safe of the Italian liner Andrea Doria was recovered from the wreck, just over 25 years since the Doria had plunged to the bottom.  The salvagers didn’t know what they would find in the safe, but when it was opened on live television on August 16, 1984, three years after its recovery, hundreds of dollars and lira bills were found along with some American Express travelers’ checks.  Professionally mounted into acrylic blocks, each of the bills is a unique reminder of the Doria.  These days, they are difficult to find as most are held in private hands.

This dollar bill comes complete with the original presentation box and the booklet that gives the principal particulars of the Doria and a brief history of the disaster, the recovery of the bills, and what the salvers thought they would find.  This booklet was also signed to John on January 18, 1986, by Peter Gimbel and Elga Anderson, the expedition leaders.  Also included is a flyer on how to take care of the acrylic.

The bill, box, and booklet are all in near-mint condition.