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Mauretania (1907) Engineering Magazine

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The famous UK-based shipbuilding magazines were busy covering hundreds of liners and warships that the yards churned out during the Edwardian era.  Still, there were moments of great pride when a huge new liner came out like Olympic, Aquitania, Mauretania, and, of course, Lusitania.  For these marquee ships, Engineering, like its colleague The Shipbuilder, printed special stand-alone editions dedicated to that one special liner.  This is the special issue for Mauretania.  Lavish in its detail and expansive in its illustrations, this volume is a must for any one who loves Mauretania and wants to know more about her construction.  Covers 56 pages of text, diagrams, and photos with an additional 32 pages of extra photos.  In good condition with some cover issues, which you can see in the photos.  Gold leaf on the cover is still bright and cheery.