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China, Cup and Saucer, ss Constitution

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This blue-and-white-stripped china offered below is the famous Exeter pattern as used in tourist class on the Constitution and Independence as well as on The  Aces.  See the archival photos for this pattern in use.

When the Constitution was taken out of service in 1968, large amounts of china were sold off for re-use.  At the same time, a church in Pennsylvania was constructing a school building and needed china for use in the cafeteria.  The result was a large quantity of Constitution’s china living on with a second life in rural Pennsylvania.  I found out about the china when I went to a fundraiser pancake breakfast at the church with a parishioner about 5 years ago.  As times and needs changed, the church decided to dispose of this china, and it is now available for purchase by collectors and liner enthusiasts to begin its third life.  In fact, I kept a complete set, and this is now my everyday dinner service!

Cup and Saucer both by Sterling China for American Export Isbrandtsen Lines.  The best part about this china is its durability.  It was meant for heavy service and can stand todays uses in the home with ease.  Dishwasher safe and ready to use.  In fact, I use this very china every day as it is handsome and inexpensive.  In excellent condition.  Only one left!  You cleaned me out!